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Bobby C.
“Just want to take minute to point out how amazing my pain specialist Bridgett Lerma is here at South West pain management!! My name is Stephanie Standley and I’ve been struggling with pain for quit some time struggling with fighting doctors not to do surgery and to just help manage my pain in other ways!! Here at Southwest not only helped me with this but also encourage me with other alternatives that are so super helpful! I also love the 2 ladies in the front that have great attitudes making my visits a better experience each time… I truly with 5 stars recommend anyone looking for a pain management to try this spot out…THEY ROCK!!”
Suzzane W.
“I have to say I was a little scared to try a new doctor but after my doctor retired I had no choice. I have been taking pain medication for a while now and this office doesn’t offer the pain medication I was taking before. The nurse practitioner and I talked about my choices and I decided to try the pain patch she offered along with a muscle relaxer. My pain is very much under control now. I would refer anyone to just give it a try. The nurse practitioner was very nice, explained everything to me, and listened to my concerns.”
Pamela C.
“My name is Pamela, I moved to VENTURA at the beginning of this year 2022. I needed a pain management specialist but instead of using opiates, I have been on Suboxone for at least 8 years or more. The generic for Suboxone is Buprenorphine. I found Southwest pain management online and a few other pain management clinics. The only pain management clinic in Ventura that offers Suboxone is SouthWest pain management! I made an appointment and met the doctor, Dr. Bridgett. She is a wonderful doctor and was very concerned with my health and well-being. She wrote me for generic Suboxone and I have been using her ever since! Through my history of surgeries and pain, I was on Norco and Oxycodone for years. In the end, I could not just take what I was prescribed and it got out of control. I changed to Suboxone. It is the best pain reliever! I wish I had known about it a long time ago. Dr. Bridgett works hand-in-hand with me and is the best doctor I have ever had!”
Buck W.
“I was referred by my PCP. Dr Morgan is a board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management certified Doctor. I’ve suffered for years with bulging disks, hip bursitis, and torn meniscus. Pain is sometimes debilitating. In California, only a Doctor such as Dr. Morgan can prescribe medication for chronic pain on an ongoing basis. I’ve been working with Bridget, a Pain Management NP under the doctor and she’s been amazing.

A family friend Pharmacist told me her treatment plan was both safe and reasonable. I’ve been wearing a transdermal pain patch which has truly been a game changer. It’s taken the severity of the pain away and made it manageable. I’ve always had a good experience in the office. Ebony up front and the other staff are always nice and I’ve never had to wait for an appointment. Additionally, I’ve never encountered more than 2 people total in the waiting room. I have regular telephone follow-ups monthly to see how I’m doing in between office visits. I’m doing so much better! What I say to any potential patients (or unhappy ones) is to acquaint yourself with California laws. You must have a diagnosis confirmed with multiple imaging (MRI, X-RAY, or CT Scan) along with reports. Come prepared.”

Tinika D.
“I recently started going here for my epidural pain injections. I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back. I was in extreme pain daily, until I was referred to this heaven of a place. I was SO apprehensive about getting this shot after hearing horror stories from other people. The staff eased my worry. I asked how long it would take and she told me 30min from start to finish. I then met Dr. Morgan. He’s intimidating in size. Lol! But that’s about it. He’s an amazing doctor. I told him how I was previously going to be put to sleep for an epidural injection and he assured me I didn’t need to be, I proceeded to ask a few more self-assuring questions and then booked my appointment for the shot. On my first appointment. I still was a nervous wreck! I arrived with both my Mom and Dad for support. I was making my Dad go in the room with me. I was checked in by the wonderful staff, BP was taken. Then I was escorted to the room for the injection. The doctor and his assistant are both present. They have you lie on a table face down and they take an x-ray. (Dad steps out)(then comes back in) Once ready, the doctor sterilizes the area and gives a shot of numbing medicine. I felt a little prick nothing major. Mind you my Dad is at my head holding my hand telling me not to look anywhere but down. I kept telling Dr. Morgan OK..tell me when you’re going to shoot it in. And he said shoot it in? You’re done!.. I lifted my head and said WHAT?!! are you serious? I felt nothing. I worked myself up and I felt nothing. It was amazing! He was super quick. I have now had 3 sessions of shots (3 shots total) and my pain level is 2-3 most days when it used to be 9+ every day. I am super pleased with the results and recommend this doctor and his magic skills to all suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain. At least check it out. I don’t regret it at all.”
Linda A.
“I’m so grateful I found this office!!! I’ve had to take pain meds daily just to get out of bed. This office does not prescribe the same pain meds I was taking but offered me a transdermal pain patch to try. Major game changer!!! Within an hour of putting it on my pain was gone. It was as if my pain switch had been turned off. The best part is it’s 24/7 and I put on a new patch once a week. No more trying to get my pain under control just to have the meds wear off and be back in pain again. This is an Awesome office, with caring professionals, and true pain management.”
Sherry L.
“I have been going here for years, it helps me immensely! When I first started going I could hardly walk, now if I’m in motion I can go double what I could before. All 3 doctors are great and they listen to you to find out what is wrong. Very thorough.”
Patrick P.
“Dr Lerma is the best and the staff is top-notch. Thank you, Dr Lerma!”
Patricia G.
“I’m so glad I found Dr. Bridgett. I have been suffering for over 4 months and felt frustrated and unheard. I know I took too much of her time but being heard was a game changer. This is the only pain clinic that made me feel trust.”
R Cabral-Calzada
“Due to the nerve block injections in my feet, I have had improvement of mobility and less pain” Thank you Southwest!
Vivian G.
“I came back to Dr. Morgan and paid cash even when my insurance changed because I have had many epidurals and no one else ‘gets the spot’ like he does.”
Jodi H.
“Dr. Morgan is a lifesaver and the staff is very caring. He knows his stuff!
I have been coming here for over 5 years, he is the only one who gives me relief with these injections.”
Lloyd C.
“After 28 years of constant neuropathy pain with no relief from the medication, the treatments dramatically lowered my pain levels allowing me to live again. Thank you very much.”
Walter S.
“I’ve just had my third set of nerve block injections to my feet today. This is the best my feet have felt in years. No side effects and I am not totally dependent on drugs. Thanks Southwest Pain Management!”
Anthony F.
“This treatment has helped me feel somewhat normal again, my pain has dropped almost 60% since I started this program. I would recommend it to other people to see if it can help them like it has helped me!”
Robert O.
“In regards to the injection I received from your clinic, I have had much improvement as far as my pain. They take time to explain every detail in full and I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is a candidate. Much thanks! It helps.”
Loren B.
“My first injection on the way home, I went to hit the brakes and could feel the pressure in my foot the first time in 24 years! I can feel the outside of the same foot I haven’t had the feeling in since my surgery from my motorcycle accident! Thank you!”