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Sacroiliac Joint Anatomy

The sacrum sits at the base of the spine, directly below the lumbar area. This connection with the lumbar spine forms the lumbosacral joint, typically noted as the L5/S1 joint where the last disc sits in between. It’s a common area of disc herniation, facet joint problems as well as sacroiliac joint pain. The sacroiliac joint complex consists of 3 bones; 1 sacrum and 2 iliac bones. These are connected by ligaments, all of which can cause sacroiliac joint pain symptoms.

The sacroiliac joint (SI) should not be overlooked as a pain source. It is a common source of low back pain and is often misdiagnosed as a problem with the discs or the spine. The SI joint may be responsible for almost 20 to 25% of all low back pain conditions. Like other causes of low back pain, there are some patterns and symptoms associated with SI pain, also known as SI joint dysfunction or sacroiliitis.

Sacroiliac Joint Injections

A local anesthetic is used to numb the skin, then a mall amount of steroid/ lidocaine is injected into the sacroiliac joint region to relieve pain and swelling in the joint. Afterward, a bandage is placed to cover the injection site and you can resume your normal daily activities.

SI joint injections can be used both to treat pain and to determine the source of the pain. This injection usually requires the use of fluoroscopic guidance or ultrasound to make sure the needle is placed correctly in the joint.


Sacroiliac Joint as a Source of Pain

SI pain can present one or all of the following areas of the body:

  • Back, Buttock, Hip, Groin, or Thigh Pain
  • Discomfort while sitting for long periods
  • Difficulty with changing positions from sitting to standing, or vice versa
  • Associated with certain rheumatologic conditions (SLE, ankylosing spondylitis )
  • May be more common in females, during and/or after pregnancy

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