Patient Testimonials

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“Dr. Riza and his staff are amazing! I have been dealing with neuropathy for over ten years and with no sensitivity to my right leg. After just a few appointments, I notice a difference in my sensitivity level and now after almost finishing the treatments, I can say that I gained my sensitivity to almost %100. Thank you, Dr. Riza and staff!”. 

Romona Z. 


“I came back to Dr. Morgan and paid cash even when my insurance changed because I have had many epidurals and no one else ‘gets the spot’ like he does.” 

Vivian G. 2019

“Dr. Morgan is a lifesaver and the staff is very caring. He knows his stuff!
I have been coming here for over 5 years, he is the only one who gives me relief with these injections.”

Jodi H. 2019


“After 28 years of constant neuropathy pain with no relief from the medication, the treatments dramatically lowered my pain levels allowing me to live again. Thank you very much.”

Lloyd C. 2019


“I’ve just had my third set of nerve block injections to my feet today. This is the best my feet have felt in years. No side effects and I am not totally dependent on drugs. Thanks Southwest Pain Management!”

Walter S. 2019


“This treatment has helped me feel somewhat normal again, my pain has dropped almost 60% since I started this program. I would recommend it to other people to see if it can help them like it has helped me!”

Anthony F. 2019


“In regards to the injection I received from your clinic, I have had much improvement as far as my pain. They take time to explain every detail in full and I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is a candidate. Much thanks! It helps.”

Robert O. 2019

“My first injection on the way home, I went to hit the brakes and could feel the pressure in my foot the first time in 24 years! I can feel the outside of the same foot I haven’t had the feeling in since my surgery from my motorcycle accident! Thank you!”

Loren B. 2019

“Prior to having a PRP injection in my right shoulder I could barely lift it or do anything with it. One injection has dramatically reduced the pain and encouraged healing, its amazing!” 

Mary B. 2019

“Due to the nerve block injections in my feet, I have had improvement of mobility and less pain” Thank you Southwest!

R Cabral-Calzada 1/8/2020

“Due to having the PRP injection at Southwest, I can move better and with less pain” 

Cynthia Abram 1/8/2020